Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My views on the Bible

One aspect of theology that I know will be discussed frequently on this blog is the nature of scripture. I know it will be discussed frequently for two reasons: 1) my views regarding scripture are contrary to the convictions of fundamentalist Christians and are seen, by some, to be controversial and heretical; 2) it is a topic that I believe is crucial regarding one's Christian convictions. Too many Christians are losing their faith because they were taught that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God ; and they have made this doctrine their spiritual foundation, instead of making God their foundation. Then, once this foundation has been shown to be suspect, the Christian's faith collapses because they have not built their house on the rock. It is this line of theological reasoning that I hope to speak out against.

So, what exactly are my views of scripture? Well, I do not believe the Bible is inerrant nor infallible. It was not authored by God in any relevant sense that we mean the word author. It's as Russell Brand once said, "The Holy Spirit doesn't have a pen." Now, this is not to say that I do not believe the Bible is inspired, but the word inspired needs to be properly defined, and I see no necessary correlation between  inspiration and inerrancy. That is to say, though I believe the Bible to be inspired by God, I do believe it contains errors theologically, morally, historically, and scientifically. Yet, I treasure the Bible in spite of, and because of these shortcomings. The Bible is our interaction with the divine, and such interaction does not necessitate that we will not misinterpret the divine.

I do not expect my views of scripture to resonate with everyone. Yet, my goal is not to get people to see things the way I see them, but, rather, to simply demonstrate that one need not adhere to the adolescent "all or nothing" mentality of fundamentalists (or atheists) in order to be a faithful follower of God.

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